The human player class

Our game ”The Summoning” are an asymetric game where two players are battling eachother. One of the players plays as the Demon Lord whom is trying to kill the Human  with an army of minions. The Human player has to stay alive while keep going forward to the Demon Lords’ castle/lair (work is still in progress on this area) and summon the Demon Lord. When summoned the Demon Lord is risking to die by the Humans’ hands.

As mentioned above, the Human player is fighting against the Demon player whom got an army of minions while the Human is playing alone. The Human player will need some help or great power, to make this a fair fight. As starters the Human player will have the ”regular rpg” set of skills, which are: walking, attacking, rolling, blocking and some special attack. These are very common mechanics, which are often seen in these kind of games, but they will work for now as we go in to alpha. As of now the Human can do all of the things above, except for the special attack (it’s still in discussion on how it should work), but they are still in an iterate state. Sadly they can’t be iterated yet as we still need the Demon part of the game to see how it will work together. Even so I can already see some things which will need some changes later on, as they are too powerfull or making other mechanics less relevant. For example the Human character moves fatser when attacking, because the attack does a little dash forward, than while running. By fixing the cooldown a little on the attack and also change the movement speed then it will become better. This will however be a little less priority as we need build more than polishing.


The picture above is a picture on the Human character. The purple cube is representing the Human player, and the plank bellow is the sword. When attacking the sword position itself infront of the player and then goes back to its original position. Hopefully there will come a model to the Human character and the sword soon, but this will probably be our placeholder until the beta. The graphical artists have said that it will be a samurai model, which will be very intresting to see (as a fan of samurais). Tomorrow the pre-alpha testing will be held, and we will hopefully get some great feedback on the Human character.

The human player class


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