Bug fixes and other sweets

This week have been a real blast. Last Friday we had the pre-alpha gametest and we got some feedback on the game. It were both which they told us through the survey and what we noticed when we watched them playing. Most of the was about speed and cameras, which most people felt it was okeyish (as it needed small fixes), but some others were about gameplay and stuff. People seemed like they didn’t know what they should do, objective and controls, as there was no feedback for these things. Most of these things will be much clearer when we have got most of the mechanics and art into the game, but we will keep some of these feedback in mind to the beta.

In the last blog post I wrote alot about the Human character and this week will be no different. In the pre-alpha game test we got the bug where the  Human could bug through the walls and buildings by running into them while nuking that poor little left mouse button. Players also thought attacking was more convenient than walking/running as they moved faster and could glitch through walls while doing so. This had to be fixed ,to the alpha, of course and it was. Firstly the attack state got a cool down to about 0.5 secounds as well as an movement nerf. Secondly two other attack states were added to the Human character. These attacks does not have any dash motions and are an attack combo. So the player will do an attack combo when spamming the attack button now. Thirdly and lastly the movement system on the character got changed. The Human character was moved by Unitys transform in the beginning, just because it was easy to do it like that. This is very inconvenient as transform just teleports the object without taking physics into consern. This was first changed to adding velocity to a Rigidbody, which also created some problems. The Human character would now not glitch through the buildings, which was great. What was not so great was that we will be using a terrain instead of building a map from our own objects. The terrain is very thin, which makes it very easy for a Rigidbody to glitch through when they have a high velocity. Rigidbodies seems also to not care that much about gravity, as the Human character could climb 180 degrees walls like some kind of Spiderman. This could perhaps have been becasue of the terrain not having any sharp edges where it rose to a mountain wall. This was however fixed by replacing the Rigidbody with a Character Controller component and using its Move function. Now the Human character moves smoth and doesn’t glitch through any objects or climbs any walls.

From last week the Human character also got some extra components: some sound effects, a model and some animations. This is some great improvements, as last friday the Human character was only a cube with a plank as a sword. It just needs the rest of the animations and sound effects, a little bit of balancing in movement and such, some HUD elements and maybe some more states then the Human character is done. This will be great as we will be able to do propper game tests to balance and improve the gameplay. The picture bellow is an ingame screenshot of the Human character in the spawning area. It is a little hard to see the character now, but it will be easier when the textures are added and the sahder has been modified.


Bug fixes and other sweets


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